Need for a tips and trick category?


I was thinking, is there a need for a tips and tricks category for free sharing of interesting suricata or network security monitoring related articles and resources?

I think this could certainly be useful. Maybe a ‘Ecosystem’ category (for lack of a better name)?

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I think that would be useful, ive found things like this that i was going to link to in a blog post but here is more suitable.

I’m trying to get Suricata to generate large data sets from the CSE-CIC-IDS2018 dataset and was a looking for a place to write it up.

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Maybe something more generic? In the old bulletin board days, there was often a “Tips and Tricks” or “Misc” category for tech-forums. But personally I don’t care to much what we call it as long free sharing and discussion is possible :slight_smile:

Perhaps we should have a ‘sticky’ topic about public datasets that we can keep updated. Something like, but then more dynamic :slight_smile:

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Agreed, i am interested in generating as many interesting data points as possible per stream or per alert so the “Forensic-mode” in dev is great. I will then run that over public pcap datasets to learn more about large scale nsm analysis. public datasets and related analysis notes would be great

Please don’t let the lack of a category prevent you from making such posts. We do have the #uncategorized category which is a good catch all while we figure out what extra categories make sense.


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Maybe also another sticky for apps and tools related to Suricata like -

I think the best usage of discourse would be for the dynamic content. I would prefer to have more static infos/links etc. in the official documentation which we can link here as well.


I have many tricks and scripts to contribute. At the moment I will do it in Developers?

Perhaps in uncategorized? Will be easier to spot when we have a proper category for such tips.