Suricata create user

Hello.I am running suricata on napatech card .Is there a way to create a user id to run suricata .

Can you please clarify what you are trying to achieve a bit more?
You can run Suricata as an individual user (it’s in the config file suricata.yaml). You need to create the user first and the user needs to have access to all “dependencies” that Suricata works with, so typically configuration folders, log folders and potentially Napatech drivers?
That said, I haven’t worked with Napatech so not sure what are the requirements there.

I was saying that normally I run/start suricata on napatech card using “suricata -c /usr/local/etc/suricata/suricata.yaml --napatech --runmode workers” this command and it works absolutely fine .I can see logs and everything .I just wanted to know that is there a way to create different users to run suricata like different ids?

Then I guess you are looking for this in your suricata.yaml file?

yes I was looking for this .So by this I can directly create a user ?

You will have to make sure the user exists first. On Linux, the useradd command can be used. For example, the RedHat package creates a user and a group like so:

groupadd -r suricata
useradd -r -M -g suricata -s /bin/nologin suricata