Unable to run suricata on napatech card

I am trying to run suricata on a napatech card but i get this error.suricata:libntapi and a napatech adapter are required to capture packets using --napatech.But i have already configured napatech .I can see my naptech adpater .i have also configured suricata with napatech still while starting suricata with napatech i get this error.i dont know what to do

Without more details like config, how you build it etc. it’s hard to tell. Also in addition to that, depending on the challenge it’s better to contact napatech for that.

You might try posting your:

  • Suricata version
  • Suricata configuration file (or at least, the napatech section)
  • Output of suricata --build-info
  • Command used to launch Suricata