Suricata with IDSTower

I did install my suricata in IPS mode as you can see from the configuration below. Which basically meant enabling NFQueue.

root@admin:/etc/suricata/rules# suricata --build-info
This is Suricata version 7.0.2 RELEASE
SIMD support: none
Atomic intrinsics: 1 2 4 8 byte(s)
64-bits, Little-endian architecture
GCC version 9.4.0, C version 201112
compiled with _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
L1 cache line size (CLS)=64
thread local storage method: _Thread_local
compiled with LibHTP v0.5.45, linked against LibHTP v0.5.45

Suricata Configuration:
  AF_PACKET support:                       yes
  AF_XDP support:                          no
  DPDK support:                            no
  eBPF support:                            no
  XDP support:                             no
  PF_RING support:                         no
  NFQueue support:                         yes
  NFLOG support:                           no
  IPFW support:                            no
  Netmap support:                          no
  DAG enabled:                             no
  Napatech enabled:                        no
  WinDivert enabled:                       no

  Unix socket enabled:                     yes
  Detection enabled:                       yes

  Libmagic support:                        yes
  libjansson support:                      yes
  hiredis support:                         yes
  hiredis async with libevent:             yes
  PCRE jit:                                yes
  LUA support:                             yes, through luajit
  libluajit:                               yes
  GeoIP2 support:                          yes
  Non-bundled htp:                         yes
  Hyperscan support:                       yes
  Libnet support:                          yes
  liblz4 support:                          yes
  Landlock support:                        no

  Rust support:                            yes
  Rust strict mode:                        no
  Rust compiler path:                      /usr/bin/rustc
  Rust compiler version:                   rustc 1.66.1 (90743e729 2023-01-10) (built from a source tarball)
  Cargo path:                              /usr/bin/cargo
  Cargo version:                           cargo 1.66.1

  Python support:                          yes
  Python path:                             /usr/bin/python3
  Install suricatactl:                     yes
  Install suricatasc:                      yes
  Install suricata-update:                 yes

  Profiling enabled:                       no
  Profiling locks enabled:                 no
  Profiling rules enabled:                 no

  Plugin support (experimental):           yes
  DPDK Bond PMD:                           no

Development settings:
  Coccinelle / spatch:                     no
  Unit tests enabled:                      no
  Debug output enabled:                    no
  Debug validation enabled:                no
  Fuzz targets enabled:                    no

Generic build parameters:
  Installation prefix:                     /usr
  Configuration directory:                 /etc/suricata/
  Log directory:                           /var/log/suricata/

  --prefix                                 /usr
  --sysconfdir                             /etc
  --localstatedir                          /var
  --datarootdir                            /usr/share

  Host:                                    x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
  Compiler:                                gcc (exec name) / g++ (real)
  GCC Protect enabled:                     yes
  GCC march native enabled:                no
  GCC Profile enabled:                     no
  Position Independent Executable enabled: yes
  CFLAGS                                   -g -O2 -fdebug-prefix-map=/build/suricata-FICm0h/suricata-7.0.2=. -fstack-protector-strong -Wformat -Werror=format-security -fPIC -std=c11 -I${srcdir}/../rust/gen -I${srcdir}/../rust/dist
  PCAP_CFLAGS                               -I/usr/include
  SECCFLAGS                                -fstack-protector -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -Wformat -Wformat-security

suricata.yaml (57.6 KB)

But with this configuration on mind I have added another rule in idstower_suricata.rules The below line is the configuration of idstower_suricata.rules
drop tcp any → 23 (msg:“Telnet attempt”; sid:100001; rev:2;)
The is my IP and is server I have suricata and idstower IP.

But I am still able to get the telnet response. I don’t know what I am doing wrong here.

I have attached my suricata.yaml file with this email.

How do you actually run Suricata?

Please post stats.log, the run command and ideally also suricata.log.