About the Outreachy category

Welcome to the Outreachy section! This is the entry-point space in Suricata community for Outreachy applicants.

They are welcome to:

  • introduce themselves;
  • ask any beginner level questions :slight_smile:
  • find guidance about Suricata installation, setup, building; git; contribution guidance, or redmine tickets…
  • ask questions concerning Outreachy participation process within OISF projects’ scope.

Quick guide:

  • Please do make sure you’ve read and abide by our Code of Conduct
  • We prefer to use neutral language (for instance: hi folks instead of hi guys)
  • Before asking a question, please search for similar ones
  • Help us keep the forum semantically organized: one post per issue/question. Follow-ups are ok as long as they are related to the same question
  • Use the reply ability ^^

Useful resources:

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