Suricata.exe - Entry Point Not Found

Hi, i have installed on win10 getting this error (The procedure entry point pcap_dump_hopen not be located inthe dynamic link libarary. Please adivse.


Which MSI instal is that , which suricata version ?

Suricata version 6.0.9-1 (Windows 10)

Do you have npcap installed on the machine ?

Yes, i installed npcap,

now I am getting this error

Try to supply the sniffing interface in Windows like so:
-i instead of -i eth0 (which is Linux style)
where this is actually the sniffing interface IP

It is a wireless adapter card ip addr

I am a newbie, and I appreciate your support.

ok, in that case you should use -i

Now getting this.

To start it and confirm functionality you would only need:

suricata -c suricata.yaml -i 

I pressed the ctrl C to break
I want to generate the log file, regarding the error I can send you my Suricata.yaml so can check what else I need to do in it?

The log location lacks write permission so you can either add -l \path\to\writable\log-directory or update the Suricata configuration file – change the value for default-log-dir to a path to a writable directory.